The Basics of Hiring a Wedding Photographer

In planning a wedding, hiring a professional wedding photographer is a vital stage. You have to document and capture photos of one of the most important occasions of your life. Because of this, it is vital to hire an expert photographer. By doing so, you can avoid pointless slip-ups that can ruin your celebration. 

Here are a couple of basics when hiring wedding photographers: 

Think About Value when Comparing Estimates 

Photography packages include a wedding album, a selection of the number of proofs delivered in flashcard or CD, number of photographers, and hours of coverage. A lot of photographers include add-ons like tailored thank-you cards, post-wedding artistic shots, a parent album, and lose prints. You can stick dutifully to your first budget if you choose the items relevant to your needs and cut back on the add-ons. In addition to that, you should not be scared to make unique requests to replace irrelevant extras in a specific package. This will help you get value out of the pricing.  

Ask for a Portfolio 

For those who don’t know, the selective compilation of the best work of a photographer is called portfolio. You can ask to see a full wedding set when viewing the portfolio of a photographer. This will provide you a better impression of how reliable the photographer is with their style. It will also offer you an idea of how uniform the quality of the photos is in different areas throughout the wedding. 

Create a Shortlist of Candidates 

You can talk to your family and friends and check online to look for prospective photographers. After that, you can narrow down your options by making a shortlist of potential candidates that fit your needs.  

After you have at least 3 potential photographers, you need to meet with them for an interview. Here are a couple of questions to ask: 

  • Do You Offer a Contract that Defines Terms of Service and Pricing? 

Having a copy of the contract will protect you from any breach of agreement in case of a dispute. You’ve got to make sure that the vital details are written in the contract. This includes the price, the add-ons included and the selected package. Before you sign, you have to carefully read the terms of service.  

  • Are You Booked for Another Event on the Same Date? 

A lot of photographers book a couple of photo shoots during the wedding season. This is the busiest time for most photographers. You need to ask them if they’ll be able to stay for the whole event. However, if they aren’t able to do that, you have to create schedule for the photographer to shoot. You’ve got to ensure it is included in the contract.  

  • What’s Your Main Style? 

Various photographers specialize in various styles. This includes formal and traditional poses, photojournalistic method using special effects, dramatic shots, artistic shots, and candid captures. You have to ensure that the wedding photographer’s style fits your needs. Else, you might have to look for another one.  

A Guide to Tree Watering in Extreme Heat this Summer

When dry weather continues for a longer duration, trees depend on homeowners for water. Especially this summer, your trees need twice or thrice the amount of water they usually get from rain. There are thousands of trees that die because of extreme heat, and the trees in the backyard or your garden are not an exception. This may result in more damages and more dead branches. If you have dead trees in your area, it is recommended that you remove them immediately by hiring professional services like Tree Removal Phoenix.

The amount of water that trees need depends on several factors like species of the tree, the season, age of the trees, soil type, and others. New plants also need more hydration than mature plants. Consistent watering of plants helps the plants deal with stress that a high temperature brings.

This summer’s sun has made gardening more difficult and challenging. Everything dries out faster than before, whether these are vegetables or flowers. While it is a common belief that re-hydrating your plants can cause damage, it just needs a correct method of consistent watering to achieve the right amount of water your plants need during the summer.

There are some herbs that can thrive in dry weather like oregano, marjoram, rosemary, and others. In fact, these herbs develop more flavor when exposed to a more heated environment. However, some vegetables do not strive in this type of weather and some develop a bitter taste, foul smell, and bad texture. For instance, potatoes develop green areas (parts) that are mildly toxic to consume when extreme sunlight enters the dry soil. However, you can just peel off these green areas before cooking it. Also, cucumbers develop a bitter taste and bad shape when exposed to extreme heat.

Tomatoes can develop dark areas due to a lack of calcium because of the lack of moisture and water. Putting calcium in the soil does not always solve the problem because the inefficient calcium is caused by inadequate water. You can solve this by maintaining water in your tomatoes.

The following are some helpful tips in watering your plants:

Water trees at a slower rate at the base of plants. It provides a deeper soak of water

  • Water your plants in the morning to help them deal with the sun’s heat throughout the day
  • New trees/ newly planted plants need more attention and need more watering
  • For average soil, one inch of rain every week is ideal for watering new shrubs
  • Lawn irrigation does not provide enough water for your plants. This is because the water from water irrigation does not give the roots a deep soak.
  • Water your plants in the morning to prevent faster evaporation caused by the sun’s light.
  • Avoid watering too frequently. Even in summer, it is still detrimental to frequently water your plans because too much water drowns them
  • When exposed to greater heat from the sun, avoid putting too much fertilizer to your plants as this causes damage to your lawn.