How to Deal With Excessive Rain on Your Lawn?

Brown patches, flooded spots, and yellowing grass blades—all of these are signs and indicators of how excessive rain can adversely impact your lawn. As a general rule, lawns require at least 1 inch of water every week. However, the tricky part here is that it includes rainwater and the water that you provide to your lawn. Even if you have not used your sprinkler for some time, 1-2 weeks of heavy rain can provide your lawn too much water than it requires. Here are the things to remember in terms of dealing with too much rain on your lawn according to lawn and tree experts: 

Protect your grass seed from excessive rain 

Too much rain can be disadvantageous if you want to try growing new turf, however, it does not need to be. The best thing to do is to prevent overseeding a damp lawn. Rather, you need to wait for the law to become dry and inspect to guarantee that no rain is forecasted within the day that you’re planning to plant one. Then, prepare your lawn properly for overseeing so that the seed can be established before any rainstorm takes place. 

Is it bad for grass seed? 

The answer is yes. Excessive rain usually results in soil erosion wherein the soil’s top layer is worn down by the water. Once you seed exactly before a rainstorm, it can be useless since your fresh grass seed can possibly be washed away through erosion.  

Now, if you resort to sod rather than grass seed, can new ones endure rain? For this, yes, the sod requires a great water amount. However, excessive rain over a long time will make it challenging for the sod to generate strong roots.  

Can your fertilizer be washed with heavy rain? 

Yes, prolonged and heavy rain washes away newly applied fertilizer. Here’s the thing, rainfall after the application of fertilizer isn’t a bad thing. Actually, it is great. Water aids the fertilizer to be completely penetrated into the soil. For mild rains, you don’t have to worry about anything after fertilizing. However, many days of consistent rain or downpour can be an issue.  

Browning grass after prolonged rain 

If your grass is flooded, it’ll get a hard time to absorb n nutrients and water from the sail. In fact, it can change its color into brown and eventually dies. However, that does not imply that your lawn can’t be used anymore. Look for ways to transform your brown lawn into lusher and greener grass.  

Can your grass be trimmed after raining? 

Yes, you can mow your wet lawn, however, it isn’t recommended. To start with, water makes your grass blades to bend over, making it difficult to have accurate cuts. Moreover, leaving clumpy and wet grass clippings in your yard will just make it look unclean.  

If you want more tips about taking care of your lawn and for any lawn and tree service Houston, let us know and we will help you.  


Best Kitchen Flooring to Use for High-Traffic Area 

Choosing the perfect kitchen flooring is an essential home investment to have. But, doing this can be stressful since many various flooring types can be considered. For you to be guided, here are the following flooring types that are perfect to use in the kitchen and in high-traffic areas: 

Concrete flooring 

Concrete flooring is almost impervious to water damage, easy to stain or polish in the tint you want, simple to clean and durable. Though, its advantages include the fact that it’s cold and hard, which may not feel good after you stand on it for some time.  

Vinyl plank flooring 

This is the most popular option when it comes to kitchen flooring and it’s almost indestructible. A vinyl plank flooring is easy to sweep and mop, very durable, and usually impervious to water issues. You can choose styles that look like natural stones and even hardwood to help you achieve any design requirements you have. You can resort to installing padding underneath this flooring so that it will be more comfortable for you to stand on it while cooking for a long duration.  

Cork flooring 

If you want to treat your aching legs and feet, you can install a cork floor in your kitchen and relish in this renewable resource’s spongy and soft texture. Cork flooring usually has tiles that are made out of cork oak’s shed bark. Moreover, cork flooring is inherently mildew and mold resistant, which extremely ideal for people who are prone to allergies.  

Two other advantages you get with this flooring is its ability to absorb noise and its natural warmth. Other disadvantages include its hardness and the need to regularly seal it. Unlike hardwood flooring, this can be damaged by tons of heavy dog paw or foot traffic, a heavy chair, stool, and appliance.  

Bamboo flooring 

Bamboo is usually resistant to stains and moisture and most bamboo flooring varieties are also straightforward to refinish just like a horizontal bamboo and stranded bamboo. On the other hand, engineered bamboo flooring can be difficult to refinish. When your kitchen or home fluctuates from low to high humidity, you can see that your bamboo flooring will crack.   

Hardwood flooring 

One of the most classic flooring options includes hardwood flooring Marietta GA, particularly in older homes. This flooring is widely used since it is cozy, warm, and can greatly endure high-traffic areas. Moreover, hardwood flooring is also easy to clean. You can just squirt it with an organic cleaning solution and mop it out. Although, be mindful with stains if you plan to opt for light-colored hardwoods. One of the best things about this flooring type is that it can easily be refinished once they become worn down. 

Ceramic tile 

A ceramic tile is a classic flooring option that’s durable and easy to maintain. In fact, you can simply clean it using a wet paper towel, a mop, or a sponge. You can choose a tile design that matches your preferences and styles using either trendy or classic shapes, textures, and patterns.  


Things to Remember Before Your Reopen Your Business Establishment 

After a long time of not having any kinds of services, there are some of the restaurant owners who can open their shops and get back to the business to serve the people and this could be one of the best things that you could think about now and for sure a lot of people are so excited when it comes to eating here. There are a lot of owners now that they are trying to find their luck so some would do some promotions and others would give their very best by providing the quality food that they can serve to their customers. Some would want to show that they have the best kind of place to live and they can consider many things right now like the thorough cleaning of the place and keep the physical store looking great again.  

When you are trying to clean the entire place, then you need to hire some people to do it and this could cause you so much money and that is the reason why it is nicer if you can have your own Marlton power washing appliance that you can use any time. Of course, this one could be a bit harder to take home as the weigh is too much and sometimes you need to consider as well the size as you could not buy the smaller version if you are having a big place to clean there. Some might think that it would be a waste of time to get this kind of thing but this is actually a good deal for most of the people as you could be able to get the best of both things together like using it whenever you think that the place is dirty and you can also use this one for the sidings of your home and the different furniture that you have in there.  

If you are going to consider the pressure washing of your establishment, then you are trying to secure the best cleanliness result and outcome of your place. That would mean that you don’t have to worry about a lot of things and most of the time, you could depend to it. Remember that it can remove all the different kinds of molds that you have in there which was very hard to remove when you are doing the scrubbing only.  

If you care about the possible damage in your area, then you need to try finding a solution while the things are not that so serious and some people may think deeply about it now then you can have the two options here. Buying your own would mean that you are ready to clean the entire part of the house and then may include the roofing area and the different parts of the house like the flooring or the garage part and the commonly known as driveways for the cars. You can read the instructions to get to know more or you can watch some vlogs online.