Tips on Roof Inspection

Homeowners often talk about home maintenance. However, at the same time, homeowners forget the most important maintenance they should secure; roof health.  




To make sure you are guided through the steps on maintaining your roof, here are some tips.  


  1. Walk and observe 


Now, this may be a task you do every day; however, I am sure that the walking you’re doing may not be with the same purpose as what I am about to emphasize. Walk around your home and not elsewhere. This exercise intends not to enjoy the view of your property but to take notice of possible damage to the exterior of your home. This can include sagging of the roof or leaks and water sports on the exterior walls. Make sure that as you observe signs like this, you take a photo or take note.  


  1. Observe more 


Simply walking and noticing leaks on the exterior walls of your home may not be enough to solve the problem. You have no clue where it is sourced from. Make sure you spend more time observing your property more. For example, invest in looking at possible shingle damage by observing the flooring just under the edges of your home’s roofing. Watch out for debris that has crumbled around the edges of your roof. Also, check the attic as well. Feel if there is any ventilation available in your attic and take note of it as well.  


  1. Check the gutters 


If you have recently read other roofing maintenance tips online, you will most certainly find a redundant minder to clean the gutter of your roofing system. However, this tip is reiterated many times for a reason. Ensure to clean your roofing system’s gutter and secure that no pooling of water remains on your roofing system. Without this tip as important, you will face various roof damages, including mold, mildew, leakage, and pooling itself. This will lead to various connected concerns, including damage on the roofing structure, and may lead to further costs.  


  1. Look for granules 


When it comes to shingle concerns, you should not only look for hole shingles being dropped broken on your yard, but you should also take notice if there are any granules found in your property that came from your roofing shingles. This may not be found in your yard if you have clean gutters to catch the granules, but you can easily check your gutters as well with a handle ladder in your utility room. If you have observed any debris or granules from the shingles of your roofing system, make sure not to neglect the problems and secure a professional’s help for replacement.   


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